How do we work ?

Way of working

Embark in a Journey with us.

Working with us is the guarantee of having the support of a solid team, dedicated to a search for quality and optimal solutions using an approach based on 5 principles.

Our 5 main principles

No problems but solutions

A lawyer is only interested in solving or anticipating problems and to do this: find where the solutions. And experience shows that there are always some. This is the DEL-Law Creed

Turn the situation around / Create value

Take a seemingly hopeless file, study it, find the flaw and exploit it to turn the situation around. Create value that allows the customer to save or earn money. The lawyer should be helpful, not a source of costs.

Attention to detail, goal in sight

Study the file, find all the arguments, define a strategy even in the long term. Do not neglect any details to achieve the goal.

Pragmatic and direct

The advice must be understood, practical and useful. The best compliment of the lawyer is the HRD or the lawyer who grants him the power to transfer his opinions as they are to management and that the latter understands it. Put yourself at the level of the client, make his life easier and anticipate for him. Solutions must be fair in theory and work in practice. You have to see all the stages and be present on each.

Availability and teamwork

In a hyper connected and globalized world, availability is essential, react quickly and at any time. Teamwork is essential, together we are stronger, we go further, we better meet customer expectations.


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